Fast and accurate approximate inference of transcript expression from RNA-seq data
A hybrid bayesian approach for genome-wide association studies on related individuals
LncRNA-ID : Long non-coding RNA IDentification using balanced random forests
RASER : reads aligner for SNPs and editing sites of RNA
Pairwise RNA secondary structure alignment with conserved stem pattern
An integrated structure- and system-based framework to identify new targets of metabolites and known drugs
Integrated structure- and ligand-based in silico approach to predict inhibition of cytochrome P450 2D6
Benchmark analysis of algorithms for determining and quantifying full-length mRNA splice forms from RNA-seq data
Hierarchical boosting : a machine-learning framework to detect and classify hard selective sweeps in human populations
Learning directed acyclic graphical structures with genetical genomics data
CoD : inferring immune-cell quantities related to disease states
Discovering hospital admission patterns using models learnt from electronic hospital records
Deciphering the associations between gene expression and copy number alteration using a sparse double Laplacian shrinkage approach
GenomeLaser : fast and accurate haplotyping from pedigree genotypes
EPGA2 : memory-efficient de novo assembler
glmgraph : an R package for variable selection and predictive modeling of structured genomic data
svviz : a read viewer for validating structural variants
msa : an R package for multiple sequence alignment
Bayexer : an accurate and fast Bayesian demultiplexer for Illumina sequences
BigBWA : approaching the Burrows–Wheeler aligner to Big Data technologies
BS-SNPer : SNP calling in bisulfite-seq data
NgsRelate : a software tool for estimating pairwise relatedness from next-generation sequencing data
ABIF Manager : simple reading and editing of ABIF formatted files
Cas-Designer : a web-based tool for choice of CRISPR-Cas9 target sites
BiopLib and BiopTools—a C programming library and toolset for manipulating protein structure
LIBRA : LIgand Binding site Recognition Application
InteractiveROSETTA : a graphical user interface for the PyRosetta protein modeling suite
HiXCorr : a portable high-speed X Corr engine for high-resolution tandem mass spectrometry
An interactive genome browser of association results from the UK10K cohorts project
DIGGIT : a Bioconductor package to infer genetic variants driving cellular phenotypes : a web application for interpreting human variations
RNASeqMetaDB : a database and web server for navigating metadata of publicly available mouse RNA-Seq datasets