Uncovering multiloci-ordering by algebraic property of Laplacian matrix and its Fiedler vector
SomVarIUS : somatic variant identification from unpaired tissue samples
Using de novo protein structure predictions to measure the quality of very large multiple sequence alignments
Accurate estimation of isoelectric point of protein and peptide based on amino acid sequences
CDSfold : an algorithm for designing a protein-coding sequence with the most stable secondary structure
The intrinsic combinatorial organization and information theoretic content of a sequence are correlated to the DNA encoded nucleosome organization of eukaryotic genomes
Highly accurate sequence-based prediction of half-sphere exposures of amino acid residues in proteins
Prioritizing hypothesis tests for high throughput data
Reliable ABC model choice via random forests
Metabolic network-guided binning of metagenomic sequence fragments
Optimal design of gene knockout experiments for gene regulatory network inference
CHRONOS : a time-varying method for microRNA-mediated subpathway enrichment analysis
Analyzing synergistic and non-synergistic interactions in signalling pathways using Boolean Nested Effect Models
Automatic generation of bioinformatics tools for predicting protein–ligand binding sites
Annotation of rule-based models with formal semantics to enable creation, analysis, reuse and visualization
Flexible data integration and curation using a graph-based approach
Global copy number profiling of cancer genomes
JSpeciesWS : a web server for prokaryotic species circumscription based on pairwise genome comparison
KMAD : knowledge-based multiple sequence alignment for intrinsically disordered proteins
BioPartsBuilder : a synthetic biology tool for combinatorial assembly of biological parts
MIEC-SVM : automated pipeline for protein peptide/ligand interaction prediction
WormExp : a web-based application for a Caenorhabditis elegans-specific gene expression enrichment analysis
PAPA : a flexible tool for identifying pleiotropic pathways using genome-wide association study summaries
LocusExplorer : a user-friendly tool for integrated visualization of human genetic association data and biological annotations
TCGA2STAT : simple TCGA data access for integrated statistical analysis in R
CellTracker (not only) for dummies
FoCuS-point : software for STED fluorescence correlation and time-gated single photon counting