On genomic repeats and reproducibility
D3M : detection of differential distributions of methylation levels
GenomeRunner web server : regulatory similarity and differences define the functional impact of SNP sets
UniProt-DAAC : domain architecture alignment and classification, a new method for automatic functional annotation in UniProtKB
DUDes : a top-down taxonomic profiler for metagenomics
Genome-scale prediction of moonlighting proteins using diverse protein association information
PinaColada : peptide–inhibitor ant colony ad-hoc design algorithm
HLaffy : estimating peptide affinities for Class-1 HLA molecules by learning position-specific pair potentials
Rapid genotype refinement for whole-genome sequencing data using multi-variate normal distributions
The spatiotemporal order of signaling events unveils the logic of development signaling
Analysis of CFSE time-series data using division-, age- and label-structured population models
ll-ACHRB : a scalable algorithm for sampling the feasible solution space of metabolic networks
Drug-induced adverse events prediction with the LINCS L1000 data
ARGs-OAP : online analysis pipeline for antibiotic resistance genes detection from metagenomic data using an integrated structured ARG-database
Deep models for brain EM image segmentation : novel insights and improved performance
SNPhood : investigate, quantify and visualise the epigenomic neighbourhood of SNPs using NGS data
Pathway analysis by randomization incorporating structure—PARIS : an update
cit : hypothesis testing software for mediation analysis in genomic applications
chromPlot : visualization of genomic data in chromosomal context
BLESS 2 : accurate, memory-efficient and fast error correction method
HilbertCurve : an R/Bioconductor package for high-resolution visualization of genomic data
Canvas : versatile and scalable detection of copy number variants
pileup.js : a JavaScript library for interactive and in-browser visualization of genomic data
NSimScan : DNA comparison tool with increased speed, sensitivity and accuracy
GSP : a web-based platform for designing genome-specific primers in polyploids
TreeDom : a graphical web tool for analysing domain architecture evolution
FRODOCK 2.0 : fast protein–protein docking server
XIBD : software for inferring pairwise identity by descent on the X chromosome
FREGAT : an R package for region-based association analysis
Simulated single molecule microscopy with SMeagol
AlgoRun : a Docker-based packaging system for platform-agnostic implemented algorithms
CellMiner Companion : an interactive web application to explore CellMiner NCI-60 data
Exploring the structure and function of temporal networks with dynamic graphlets