LightAssembler : fast and memory-efficient assembly algorithm for high-throughput sequencing reads
deBGA : read alignment with de Bruijn graph-based seed and extension
Towards the knowledge-based design of universal influenza epitope ensemble vaccines
An empirical Bayes method for genotyping and SNP detection using multi-sample next-generation sequencing data
Application of the MAFFT sequence alignment program to large data—reexamination of the usefulness of chained guide trees
SwiSpot : modeling riboswitches by spotting out switching sequences
Recognizing metal and acid radical ion-binding sites by integrating ab initio modeling with template-based transferals
Performance of protein-structure predictions with the physics-based UNRES force field in CASP11
SIFORM : shared informative factor models for integration of multi-platform bioinformatic data
cisASE : a likelihood-based method for detecting putative cis-regulated allele-specific expression in RNA sequencing data
New quality measure for SNP array based CNV detection
A subpopulation model to analyze heterogeneous cell differentiation dynamics
Unbiased classification of spatial strategies in the Barnes maze
Icarus : visualizer for de novo assembly evaluation
ChAsE : chromatin analysis and exploration tool
ConsPred : a rule-based (re-)annotation framework for prokaryotic genomes
The SMAL web server : global multiple network alignment from pairwise alignments
w4CSeq : software and web application to analyze 4C-seq data
CRISPR-DO for genome-wide CRISPR design and optimization
MetaPred2CS : a sequence-based meta-predictor for protein–protein interactions of prokaryotic two-component system proteins
Accounting for pairwise distance restraints in FFT-based protein–protein docking
samExploreR : exploring reproducibility and robustness of RNA-seq results based on SAM files
TwoPhaseInd : an R package for estimating gene–treatment interactions and discovering predictive markers in randomized clinical trials
MetaCycle : an integrated R package to evaluate periodicity in large scale data
Heat*seq : an interactive web tool for high-throughput sequencing experiment comparison with public data
AMIGO2, a toolbox for dynamic modeling, optimization and control in systems biology
SYNBADm : a tool for optimization-based automated design of synthetic gene circuits
PyPanda : a Python package for gene regulatory network reconstruction
BioNetGen 2.2 : advances in rule-based modeling
MIMEAnTo : profiling functional RNA in mutational interference mapping experiments
Cyclo-lib : a database of computational molecular dynamics simulations of cyclodextrins