Estimating evolutionary rates using time-structured data : a general comparison of phylogenetic methods
plasmidSPAdes : assembling plasmids from whole genome sequencing data
Simultaneous gene finding in multiple genomes
Detection of differentially methylated regions in whole genome bisulfite sequencing data using local Getis-Ord statistics
NRGC : a novel referential genome compression algorithm
MEMHDX : an interactive tool to expedite the statistical validation and visualization of large HDX-MS datasets
Excess positional mutual information predicts both local and allosteric mutations affecting beta lactamase drug resistance
Variance adaptive shrinkage (vash) : flexible empirical Bayes estimation of variances
Predicting G protein-coupled receptor downstream signaling by tissue expression
Drug drug interaction extraction from biomedical literature using syntax convolutional neural network
NCMine : Core-peripheral based functional module detection using near-clique mining
An efficient method to estimate the optimum regularization parameter in RLDA
MetaCoMET : a web platform for discovery and visualization of the core microbiome
SSBD : a database of quantitative data of spatiotemporal dynamics of biological phenomena
Joint sparse canonical correlation analysis for detecting differential imaging genetics modules
NET-GE : a web-server for NETwork-based human gene enrichment
ntHash : recursive nucleotide hashing
TopPIC : a software tool for top-down mass spectrometry-based proteoform identification and characterization
sBWT : memory efficient implementation of the hardware-acceleration-friendly Schindler transform for the fast biological sequence mapping
MSAViewer : interactive JavaScript visualization of multiple sequence alignments
Motif comparison based on similarity of binding affinity profiles
WALT : fast and accurate read mapping for bisulfite sequencing
Online interactive analysis of protein structure ensembles with Bio3D-web
LAMPLINK : detection of statistically significant SNP combinations from GWAS data
PReFerSim : fast simulation of demography and selection under the Poisson Random Field model
BioPartsDB : a synthetic biology workflow web-application for education and research
ReactPRED : a tool to predict and analyze biochemical reactions
VISUALGRAPHX : interactive graph visualization within Galaxy
PcircRNA_finder : a software for circRNA prediction in plants
LEVER : software tools for segmentation, tracking and lineaging of proliferating cells
MorphoLibJ : integrated library and plugins for mathematical morphology with ImageJ