LCA* : an entropy-based measure for taxonomic assignment within assembled metagenomes
EnhancerAtlas : a resource for enhancer annotation and analysis in 105 human cell/tissue types
Multivariate Welch t-test on distances
SRinversion : a tool for detecting short inversions by splitting and re-aligning poorly mapped and unmapped sequencing reads
A profile-based method for identifying functional divergence of orthologous genes in bacterial genomes
Metrics for rapid quality control in RNA structure probing experiments
ChemTreeMap : an interactive map of biochemical similarity in molecular datasets
SDEAP : a splice graph based differential transcript expression analysis tool for population data
A novel copy number variants kernel association test with application to autism spectrum disorders studies
Support vector machine model of developmental brain gene expression data for prioritization of Autism risk gene candidates
DTMiner : identification of potential disease targets through biomedical literature mining
RNAcommender : genome-wide recommendation of RNA–protein interactions
Corpus domain effects on distributional semantic modeling of medical terms
Extensive complementarity between gene function prediction methods
CGDM : collaborative genomic data model for molecular profiling data using NoSQL
genipe : an automated genome-wide imputation pipeline with automatic reporting and statistical tools
FARAO : the flexible all-round annotation organizer
oxBS-MLE : an efficient method to estimate 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in paired bisulfite and oxidative bisulfite treated DNA
Gene Slider : sequence logo interactive data-visualization for education and research
WebSTAR3D : a web server for RNA 3D structural alignment
PRODIGY : a web server for predicting the binding affinity of protein–protein complexes
shinyGEO : a web-based application for analyzing gene expression omnibus datasets
NVT : a fast and simple tool for the assessment of RNA-seq normalization strategies
Bayesian network feature finder (BANFF) : an R package for gene network feature selection
PathScore : a web tool for identifying altered pathways in cancer data
BiDiFuse : a FIJI plugin for fusing bi-directionally recorded microscopic image volumes
Recognizing metal and acid radical ion-binding sites by integrating ab initio modeling with template-based transferals