COCACOLA: binning metagenomic contigs using sequence COmposition, read CoverAge, CO-alignment and paired-end read LinkAge
Accurate self-correction of errors in long reads using de Bruijn graphs
Designing robust watermark barcodes for multiplex long-read sequencing
WeSME: uncovering mutual exclusivity of cancer drivers and beyond
SNP interaction pattern identifier (SIPI): an intensive search for SNP-SNP interaction patterns
DACE: a scalable DP-means algorithm for clustering extremely large sequence data
Hum-mPLoc 3.0: prediction enhancement of human protein subcellular localization through modeling the hidden correlations of gene ontology and functional domain features
RBPPred: predicting RNA-binding proteins from sequence using SVM
An ensemble approach to protein fold classification by integration of template-based assignment and support vector machine classifier
PRINCESS: Privacy-protecting Rare disease International Network Collaboration via Encryption through Software guard extensionS
Novel probabilistic models of spatial genetic ancestry with applications to stratification correction in genome-wide association studies
Exploring the predictive power of polygenic scores derived from genome-wide association studies: a study of 10 complex traits
Improving flux predictions by integrating data from multiple strains
Predict drug permeability to blood-brain-barrier from clinical phenotypes: drug side effects and drug indications
CellSort: a support vector machine tool for optimizing fluorescence-activated cell sorting and reducing experimental effort
HiLive: real-time mapping of illumina reads while sequencing
DNABarcodes: an R package for the systematic construction of DNA sample tags
AltORFev facilitates the prediction of alternative open reading frames in eukaryotic mRNAs
Training alignment parameters for arbitrary sequencers with LAST-TRAIN
PBIT: Pipeline Builder for Identification of drug Targets for infectious diseases dating ancestors in phylogenetic trees in R
The PPI3D web server for searching, analyzing and modeling protein-protein interactions in the context of 3D structures
iSmaRT: a toolkit for a comprehensive analysis of small RNA-Seq data
GE-mini: a mobile APP for large-scale gene expression visualization
MRUniNovo: an efficient tool for de novo peptide sequencing utilizing the hadoop distributed computing framework
caspo: a toolbox for automated reasoning on the response of logical signaling networks families