LncRNA/DNA binding analysis reveals losses and gains and lineage specificity of genomic imprinting in mammals
High-throughput interpretation of gene structure changes in human and nonhuman resequencing data, using ACE
Large-scale 16S gene assembly using metagenomics shotgun sequences
Computational prediction of species-specific malonylation sites via enhanced characteristic strategy
AFRESh: an adaptive framework for compression of reads and assembled sequences with random access functionality
PALADIN: protein alignment for functional profiling whole metagenome shotgun data
Seeing the trees through the forest: sequence-based homo- and heteromeric protein-protein interaction sites prediction using random forest
A DNA intercalation methodology for an efficient prediction of ligand binding pose and energetics
Correlated mutations select misfolded from properly folded proteins
Powerful differential expression analysis incorporating network topology for next-generation sequencing data
DeuteRater: a tool for quantifying peptide isotope precision and kinetic proteomics
GWAR: robust analysis and meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies
Inference of cellular level signaling networks using single-cell gene expression data in Caenorhabditis elegans reveals mechanisms of cell fate specification
SigMod: an exact and efficient method to identify a strongly interconnected disease-associated module in a gene network
Sparse network modeling and metscape-based visualization methods for the analysis of large-scale metabolomics data
miRmine: a database of human miRNA expression profiles
Introducing COCOS: codon consequence scanner for annotating reading frame changes induced by stop-lost and frame shift variants
MetaPlotR: a Perl/R pipeline for plotting metagenes of nucleotide modifications and other transcriptomic sites
KNIME4NGS: a comprehensive toolbox for next generation sequencing analysis
ASCIIGenome: a command line genome browser for console terminals
annoPeak: a web application to annotate and visualize peaks from ChIP-seq/ChIP-exo-seq
Better diagnostic signatures from RNAseq data through use of auxiliary co-data
FASTdoop: a versatile and efficient library for the input of FASTA and FASTQ files for MapReduce Hadoop bioinformatics applications
ProQ3D: improved model quality assessments using deep learning
VCF-kit: assorted utilities for the variant call format
NetLand: quantitative modeling and visualization of Waddington's epigenetic landscape using probabilistic potential
‘ COV'COP ’ allows to detect CNVs responsible for inherited diseases among amplicons sequencing data
The JWS online simulation database