Genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation profiles in a senescence-accelerated mouse prone 8 brain using whole-genome bisulfite sequencing
chainCleaner improves genome alignment specificity and sensitivity
Hierarchical sets: analyzing pangenome structure through scalable set visualizations
Evolutionary design of multiple genes encoding the same protein
Supporting precision medicine by data mining across multi-disciplines: an integrative approach for generating comprehensive linkages between single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and drug-binding sites
Multi-rate Poisson tree processes for single-locus species delimitation under maximum likelihood and Markov chain Monte Carlo
Unrealistic phylogenetic trees may improve phylogenetic footprinting
Classification of RNA structure change by ‘gazing’ at experimental data
ISPRED4: interaction sites PREDiction in protein structures with a refining grammar model
Efficient computation of transfer free energies of amino acids in beta-barrel membrane proteins
FIT: statistical modeling tool for transcriptome dynamics under fluctuating field conditions
Identification of protein complexes by integrating multiple alignment of protein interaction networks
Automated cell type discovery and classification through knowledge transfer
NSSRF: global network similarity search with subgraph signatures and its applications
Quantification of fibrous spatial point patterns from single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) data
Extracting morphologies from third harmonic generation images of structurally normal human brain tissue
A comprehensive quality control workflow for paired tumor-normal NGS experiments
ANAQUIN: a software toolkit for the analysis of spike-in controls for next generation sequencing
LOCUST: a custom sequence locus typer for classifying microbial isolates
aRNApipe: a balanced, efficient and distributed pipeline for processing RNA-seq data in high-performance computing environments
MetaShot: an accurate workflow for taxon classification of host-associated microbiome from shotgun metagenomic data
H(O)TA: estimation of DNA methylation and hydroxylation levels and efficiencies from time course data
Riborex: fast and flexible identification of differential translation from Ribo-seq data
admixturegraph: an R package for admixture graph manipulation and fitting
CHRR: coordinate hit-and-run with rounding for uniform sampling of constraint-based models
LIQUID: an-open source software for identifying lipids in LC-MS/MS-based lipidomics data
Ligandbook: an online repository for small and drug-like molecule force field parameters