Changes associated with Ebola virus adaptation to novel species
Integrative analysis identifies co-dependent gene expression regulation of BRG1 and CHD7 at distal regulatory sites in embryonic stem cells
Empirical comparison of web-based antimicrobial peptide prediction tools
BiRen: predicting enhancers with a deep-learning-based model using the DNA sequence alone
Discriminating the reaction types of plant type III polyketide synthases
FUNNEL-GSEA: FUNctioNal ELastic-net regression in time-course gene set enrichment analysis
RefBool: a reference-based algorithm for discretizing gene expression data
A generalized association test based on U statistics
Identification of genetic outliers due to sub-structure and cryptic relationships
Abstracting the dynamics of biological pathways using information theory: a case study of apoptosis pathway
An approach to infer putative disease-specific mechanisms using neighboring gene networks
Systematic inference of functional phosphorylation events in yeast metabolism
Image-based surrogate biomarkers for molecular subtypes of colorectal cancer
A multi-scale convolutional neural network for phenotyping high-content cellular images
fastER: a user-friendly tool for ultrafast and robust cell segmentation in large-scale microscopy
MotifMap-RNA: a genome-wide map of RBP binding sites
SVPV: a structural variant prediction viewer for paired-end sequencing datasets
Threshold-seq: a tool for determining the threshold in short RNA-seq datasets
BCFtools/csq: haplotype-aware variant consequences
ProtVista: visualization of protein sequence annotations
PeptideMapper: efficient and versatile amino acid sequence and tag mapping
AQUA-DUCT: a ligands tracking tool
BioJava-ModFinder: identification of protein modifications in 3D structures from the Protein Data Bank
Glimma: interactive graphics for gene expression analysis
ctsGE—clustering subgroups of expression data
LASER server: ancestry tracing with genotypes or sequence reads
GARLIC : Genomic Autozygosity Regions Likelihood-based Inference and Classification
DeepBlueR: large-scale epigenomic analysis in R
Pln24NT: a web resource for plant 24-nt siRNA producing loci
Oncopression: gene expression compendium for cancer with matched normal tissues