Use of AAScatterPlot tool for monitoring the evolution of the hemagglutinin cleavage site in H9 avian influenza viruses
Incorporating prior information into differential network analysis using non-paranormal graphical models
miRCat2: accurate prediction of plant and animal microRNAs from next-generation sequencing datasets
A penalized regression approach to haplotype reconstruction of viral populations arising in early HIV/SIV infection
SubCons: a new ensemble method for improved human subcellular localization predictions
Domain prediction with probabilistic directional context
GARN2: coarse-grained prediction of 3D structure of large RNA molecules by regret minimization
Machine learning in computational biology to accelerate high-throughput protein expression
SVMQA: support-vector-machine-based protein single-model quality assessment
TASIC: determining branching models from time series single cell data
A Bayesian group sparse multi-task regression model for imaging genetics
Gracob: a novel graph-based constant-column biclustering method for mining growth phenotype data
Systemic evaluation of cellular reprogramming processes exploiting a novel R-tool: eegc
Removal of batch effects using distribution-matching residual networks
Mapping genes for calcium signaling and their associated human genetic disorders
DeepEM3D: approaching human-level performance on 3D anisotropic EM image segmentation
PreMosa: extracting 2D surfaces from 3D microscopy mosaics
FunChIP: an R/Bioconductor package for functional classification of ChIP-seq shapes
EzMap: a simple pipeline for reproducible analysis of the human virome
ploidyNGS: visually exploring ploidy with Next Generation Sequencing data
HaploMerger2: rebuilding both haploid sub-assemblies from high-heterozygosity diploid genome assembly
BioContainers: an open-source and community-driven framework for software standardization
MISA-web: a web server for microsatellite prediction
DMINDA 2.0: integrated and systematic views of regulatory DNA motif identification and analyses
PyGOLD: a python based API for docking based virtual screening workflow generation
ST Pipeline: an automated pipeline for spatial mapping of unique transcripts
RTK: efficient rarefaction analysis of large datasets
MOST-visualization: software for producing automated textbook-style maps of genome-scale metabolic networks
mzML2ISA & nmrML2ISA: generating enriched ISA-Tab metadata files from metabolomics XML data
TIN-X: target importance and novelty explorer
Fuento : functional enrichment for bioinformatics
BioCIDER: a Contextualisation InDEx for biological Resources discovery
ALTRE: workflow for defining ALTered regulatory elements using chromatin accessibility data
iATC-mISF: a multi-label classifier for predicting the classes of anatomical therapeutic chemicals