Reliability of algorithmic somatic copy number alteration detection from targeted capture data
The spike-and-slab lasso Cox model for survival prediction and associated genes detection
E2FM : an encrypted and compressed full-text index for collections of genomic sequences
GLANET: genomic loci annotation and enrichment tool
A fast and exhaustive method for heterogeneity and epistasis analysis based on multi-objective optimization
Multi-label classifier based on histogram of gradients for predicting the anatomical therapeutic chemical class/classes of a given compound
Capturing non-local interactions by long short-term memory bidirectional recurrent neural networks for improving prediction of protein secondary structure, backbone angles, contact numbers and solvent accessibility
RNAblueprint: flexible multiple target nucleic acid sequence design
Predicting accurate contacts in thousands of Pfam domain families using PconsC3
Accelerating high-dimensional clustering with lossless data reduction
False discovery rate control incorporating phylogenetic tree increases detection power in microbiome-wide multiple testing
IGESS: a statistical approach to integrating individual-level genotype data and summary statistics in genome-wide association studies
Molecular heterogeneity at the network level: high-dimensional testing, clustering and a TCGA case study
A method for learning a sparse classifier in the presence of missing data for high-dimensional biological datasets
Differential privacy-based evaporative cooling feature selection and classification with relief-F and random forests
MetaSRA: normalized human sample-specific metadata for the Sequence Read Archive
McPAS-TCR: a manually curated catalogue of pathology-associated T cell receptor sequences
Single-cell regulome data analysis by SCRAT
OMTools: a software package for visualizing and processing optical mapping data
FunGAP: Fungal Genome Annotation Pipeline using evidence-based gene model evaluation
UpSetR: an R package for the visualization of intersecting sets and their properties
Flexbar 3.0 - SIMD and multicore parallelization
Spliceman2: a computational web server that predicts defects in pre-mRNA splicing
PhyD3: a phylogenetic tree viewer with extended phyloXML support for functional genomics data visualization
PASTASpark: multiple sequence alignment meets Big Data
SinCHet: a MATLAB toolbox for single cell heterogeneity analysis in cancer
chimeraviz : a tool for visualizing chimeric RNA
Phantom: investigating heterogeneous gene sets in time-course data
HTSvis: a web app for exploratory data analysis and visualization of arrayed high-throughput screens
CRISPRcloud: a secure cloud-based pipeline for CRISPR pooled screen deconvolution
SpaceScanner: COPASI wrapper for automated management of global stochastic optimization experiments
ISCB's initial reaction to New England Journal of Medicine editorial on data sharing
Message from the ISCB: The 5th ISCB Wikipedia competition: coming to a classroom near you?