Proline metabolism and NAD kinase activity in soybean calli during short- and long-term exposures to light and NaCl
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Regeneration of a metal tolerant grass Echinochloa colona via somatic embryogenesis from suspension culture
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Drought Tolerance in Higher Plants
Polymerase chain reaction detect polymorphisms and trait association in soybean
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Genomic fingerprints in the tribe Triticeae produced by PCR using a tRNA consensus primer
Development in Hydrobiology
A mutation at AP2 locus of Arabidopsis confers spermine resistance
Plant-Microbe Symbiosis
Changes in concentration of endogenous growth inhibitors during growth recovery of dwarf pea seedlings
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Control of PAR-saturated CO2 exchange rate in some C3 and CAM plants
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Plant regeneration from coleoptile tissue of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Die Orchideen
Micropropagation of Karwinskia parvifolia and the transfer of plants to ex vitro conditions
Protein Phosphorylation in Plants
Photosynthetic characteristics in Brassica carinata hybrids and their parents as influenced by moisture stress
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Search for lectins in seeds of tropical trees of Kerala, India
Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology of Algae