Growth and proliferation in vitro of Vaccinium corymbosum under different irradiance and radiation spectral composition
Glossary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Morphology and ultrastructure of isolated gemmae of Drosera pygmaea and their in vitro germination
Optimization of PRINS and C-PRINS for detection of telomeric sequences in Vicia faba
Heat shock responses of bean plants
Modern Optics, Electronics, and High Precision Techniques in Cell Biology
Plant mitochondrial electrical potential monitored by fluorescence quenching of rhodamine 123
Impacts of Global Change on Tree Physiology and Forest Ecosystems
Postanthesis allocation of photosynthates and grain growth in wheat cultivars as affected by source/sink change
Plant alkaloids
Role of aminolevulinic acid in improving biomass production in Vigna catjung, V. mungo, and V. radiata
Protein Sequencing Protocols
Growth, nitrate uptake and respiration rate in bean roots under phosphate deficiency
Osmotic adjustment in triticales grown in presence of NaCl
Effect of heavy metals on nitrate and protein metabolism in sugar beet
Screening of the occurrence of copper amine oxidases in Fabaceae plants
The effect of selected plant hormones on in vitro proliferation of hyphae of Glomus fistulosum
Application of seed esterase isoenzymes in testing hybridity of tomato
Putting Plant Physiology on the Map
Accumulation of proline and glycine betaine in Ipomoea pes-caprae induced by NaCl
Chlorophyll accumulation in black pine seedlings treated with 5-aminolevulinic acid
Morphological and molecular variations in the epiphytic CAM fern Pyrrosia piloselloides
Physiology of Vegetable Crops.
Fluoride-induced alteration of carbon and nitrogen metabolism in developing wheat grains
A combined PRINS-FISH technique for simultaneous localisation of DNA sequences on plant chromosomes
Effects of salinity, external K+/Na+ ratio and soil moisture on growth and ion content of Sesbania rostrata
Effect of flavonoids on in-vitro proliferation of hyphae of Glomus fistulosum
Effect of salicylic acid on nodulation, nitrogenous compounds and related enzymes of Vigna mungo
A simple and efficient method of DNA isolation from orchid species and hybrids
Plant Analysis
Plant Genetic Conservation. The in situ Approach.
The Ferns of Britain and Ireland, 2nd Edition.