Acclimatization of micropropagated plants to ex Vitro conditions
Physicochemical & Environmental Plant Physiology.
Factors influencing the induction and viability of somatic embryos of Quercus robur L.
Improved regeneration efficiency from mature embryos of barley cultivars
Fyziologie Rostlin
Morphogenesis in Helianthus tuberosus
Physiological Ecology of Tropical Plants.
Purification and properties of a ribonuclease from cowpea cotyledons
Sprouting Resistance and Falling Number Values in Introgressive Triticale/T. Monococcum Lines
Environmental Forest Science.
Use of isoenzymes to differentiate growth categories of Pericopsis mooniana trees
Technology Transfer in Plant Biotechnology.
Effect of methyl ester of jasmonic acid and benzylaminopurine on growth and protein profile of excised cotyledons of Cucurbita pepo (Zucchini)
Glossary of Plant Pathological Terms.
Gas exchange and malate accumulation in Haberlea rhodopensis grown under different irradiances
Influence of ageing and abscisic acid on potassium uptake by potato tuber tissues
Molecular Embryology of Flowering Plants.
Stimulation of potassium uptake by abscisic acid in potato tuber tissues. Relation with H+ and Ca2+ fluxes
The Complete Book on Cut Flower Care.
Effects of irradiance and copper on the activity of ascorbate oxidase in detached rice leaves
Induction of heat shock proteins and acquisition of thermotolerance in germinating pigeonpea seeds
Improved histochemical test for in situ detection of hydrogen peroxide in cells undergoing oxidative burst or lignification
Purification and characterization of an endopolygalacturonase produced by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
Some physiological characteristics in resistant and susceptible cotton cultivars infected with cotton leaf curl virus
Nutrient deficiency-dependent anthocyanin development in Spirodela polyrhiza L. Schleid
Response of barley lines with structural rearrangements in chromosomes 5, 6 and 7 to limited nitrogen nutrition
Carbon translocation as affected by shade in saplings of shade tolerant and intolerant species
Determination of metal interactions on root growth of Sinapis alba seedlings