Cytokinins and water stress
Protein bodies in the pine megagametophyte in vitro culture
Linkage mapping of DNA markers generated with specific and non-specific gene primers in soybean
Detection of somaclonal variations in tissue culture-derived date palm plants using isoenzyme analysis and RAPD fingerprints
Apoptosis Genes.
Burst potential characterisation by capacity for nucleotide accumulation in Rhododendron catawbiense apical buds
Plant Amino Acids. Biochemistry and Biotechnology.
Relationship between calcium and pyruvate kinase
Effect of low temperature on the protein metabolism of wheat leaves
Induced Plant Defenses Against Pathogens and Herbivores.
Content of gibberellic acid in apical parts of male and female thalli of Chara tomentosa in relation to the content of sugars and dry mass
Characterization of muskmelon fruit peroxidases at different developmental stages
Induction of oxidative stress and antioxidant activity by hydrogen peroxide treatment in tolerant and susceptible wheat genotypes
Acclimation potential to high irradiance of two cultivars of watermelon
Effects of photoperiod and plant developmental stage on NADH dehydrogenase and photosystem activities of isolated chloroplasts
Stomatal reactions of two different maize lines to osmotically induced drought stress
Effect of osmotic stress on abscisic acid efflux and compartmentation in the roots of two maize lines differing in drought susceptibility
Growth and water relations of Lotus Creticus creticus plants as affected by salinity
Amelioration of NaCl stress by arginine in rice seedlings
Vigna Radiata seed germination under salinity
The ecological significance of allelopathy in the community organization of Alhagi graecorum Boiss
Effects of high temperature exposure of spinach intact plants and isolated thylakoids on light-harvesting complex 2 protein phosphorylation
Plant growth regulating activity of orotic acid and its 1-cyclohexyl and 1-phenyl derivatives
Effect of increasing concentrations of lead and cadmium on cucumber seedlings
Application of esterase isozymes for garlic ecotype identification
Micropropagation in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
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Response of alfalfa genotypes to saline water irrigation
Nodule functioning in trifoliate and pentafoliate mungbean genotypes as influenced by salinity
Activity of some aminopeptidases in immobilized cells of Daucus carota
Influence of auxin-like herbicides on tobacco mosaic virus multiplication
Effect of glycinebetaine on chloroplast ultrastructure, chlorophyll and protein content, and RuBPCO activities in tomato grown under drought or salinity
In Vitro selection for salt tolerance in rice