Effect of benzyladenine and indolebutyric acid on ultrastructure, glands formation, and essential oil accumulation in Lavandula dentata plantlets
Efficient in vitro micropropagation and regeneration of Humulus lupulus on low sugar, starch-Gelrite media
Role of amino acids in evolution of ethylene and methane, and development of microshoots in Cajanus cajan
Effect of some antibiotics on the in vitro morphogenetic response from callus cultures of Coryphantha elephantidens
Effect of heat shock treatment on Hordeum vulgare protoplast transformation mediated by polyethylene glycol
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Cadmium-induced changes in leaf epidermes, photosynthetic rate and pigment concentrations in Cajanus cajan
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Kaktusy v Přírodě.
Effect of cadmium on soluble sugars and enzymes of their metabolism in rice
Cell wall-bound phenolic acid and lignin contents in date palm as related to its resistance to Fusarium oxysporum
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