Morphological and structural responses of plant roots to aluminium at organ, tissue, and cellular levels
Molecular Breeding of Forage Crops
Morphology and anatomy of Pisum sativum somatic embryos
Anticytokinin effect on apical dominance release in in vitro cultured Rosa hybrida L.
Impact of in vitro cultivation conditions on stress responses and on changes in thylakoid membrane proteins and pigments of tobacco during ex vitro acclimation
Insects on Palms.
Artichoke leaf morphology and surface features in different micropropagation stages
Effects of 6-dimethylaminopurine, 2-aminopurine, olomoucine and sodium vanadate on DNA endoreduplication in primary roots of Pisum sativum
Root Methods.
Limitation to carbon assimilation of two perennial species in semi-srid south-east Spain
Modulation of the photosynthetic source
Flavonoids of the Sunflower Family (Asteraceae)
Changes in stem and leaf hydraulics preceding leaf shedding in Castanea sativa L.
Effect of NaCl and polyamines on plasma membrane lipids of wheat roots
Nitrogen deprivation induces changes in the leaf elongation zone of maize seedlings
Lipid peroxidation induced by phenolics in conjunction with aluminum ions
Changes in thiol content in roots of wheat cultivars exposed to copper stress
Adsorption of zinc ions by Scenedesmus obliquus and S. quadricauda and its effect on growth and metabolism
Hg and Cd induced changes in proline content and activities of proline biosynthesizing enzymes in Phaseolus aureus and Triticum aestivum
BTH-induced accumulation of extracellular proteins and blackspot disease in rose
Comparison of the effect of different fungal elicitors on Rubia tinctorum L. suspension culture
Leaf surface wetness and morphological characteristics of Valeriana jatamansi grown under open and shade habitats
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Plant regeneration through somatic embryogenesis in leaf derived callus of Plumbago rosea
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Optimum conditions for the storage of potato virus YNTNstrain
A rapid and simple method for in vitro plant regeneration from split embryo axes of six cultivars of cotton