Pavel Šiffel - † 12th July 2003
Changes in Peroxidases and Catalase Activity During in vitro Rooting
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Culture Tube Closure-Type Affects Potato Plantlets Growth and Chlorophyll Contents
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The Cycads
Changes in Antioxidative Protection in Bean Cotyledons During Natural and Continuous Irradiation-Accelerated Senescence
Antioxidant Enzyme Isoforms on Gels in Two Poplar Clones Differing in Sensitivity After Exposure to Ozone
Antioxidant Systems in Ripening Tomato Fruits
Calmodulin from Pharbitis nil
Interactive Effects of Thiourea and Phosphorus on Clusterbean Under Water Stress
Effects of Nitrate Nutrition on Nitrogen Metabolism in Cassava
Effect of High Temperature on Protein Expression in Strawberry Plants
Thermotolerance of Pearl Millet and Maize at Early Growth Stages
The Regulation of the Plasma Membrane Redox System and H+-transport in Adaptation of Reed Ecotypes to Their Habitats
Study of Resistance of Musa acuminata to Fusarium oxysporum using RAPD markers
Shoot Regeneration in Four Begonia Genotypes
Growth, Water Content, and Proline Accumulation in Drought-Stressed Callus of Date Palm
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Detection of Intra-Clonal Genetic Variability in Vegetatively Propagated Tea Using RAPD Markers
Characterisation of Soybean and Wheat Seeds by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Efficient Regeneration of Tetraploid Isatis indigotica Plants via Adventitious Organogenesis from Hypocotyl Explants
In vitro Plant Regeneration and Genotype Conservation of Eight Wild Species of Curcuma
Influence of Acidity on Growth and Biochemistry of Pennisetum clandestinum
Effect of Norway Spruce Planting Density on Shoot Morphological Parameters
Iron Chlorosis in Grafted Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis L.) Plants
Improvement of Biomass Partitioning, Flowering and Yield by Triadimefon in UV-B Stressed Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek
Photosynthetic Responses for Vitis vinifera Plants Grown at Different Photon Flux Densities Under Field Conditions
Cadmium-Induced Changes in Chloroplast Lipids and Photosystem Activities in Barley Plants
Growth and Endogenous Cytokinins of Juniper Shoots as Affected by High Metal Concentrations