Plant telomere-binding proteins
Role of phytohormones in organogenic ability of elm multiplicated shoots
Evaluation of heterologous promoters in transgenic Populus tremula × P. alba plants
Extent of ipt gene expression and resulting amount of cytokinins affect activities of carboxylation enzymes in transgenic plants
Cytokinin-induced activity of antioxidant enzymes in transgenic Pssu-ipt tobacco during plant ontogeny
Modifications of the activity of nitrate reductase from cucumber roots
Chalcone synthase homologues from Humulus lupulus : some enzymatic properties and expression
The effect of soil drought and rehydration on growth and antioxidative activity in flag leaves of triticale
Antioxidant and anatomical responses in shoot culture of the apple rootstock MM 106 treated with NaCl, KCl, mannitol or sorbitol
The effect of elevated CO2 concentration on leaf chlorophyll and nitrogen contents in rice during post-flowering phases
Water transport in maize roots under the influence of mercuric chloride and water stress : a role of water channels
Polypeptide markers for low temperature stress during seed germination in sunflower
Rapid and simple method for Al-toxicity analysis in emerging barley roots during germination
Early defence responses induced by two distinct elicitors derived from a Botrytis cinerea in grapevine leaves and cell suspensions
Efficient and repetitive production of leaf-derived somatic embryos of Oncidium
Assessment of genetic diversity in Coscinium fenestratum
Effects of medium composition and culture duration on in vitro morphogenesis of sweet potato
In vitro propagation of Cassia angustifolia through leaflet and cotyledon derived calli
In vitro organogenesis and plant formation in cucumber
Evaluation of genetic relationship in Typhonium species through random amplified polymorphic DNA markers
Production of human lactoferrin in transgenic cell suspension cultures of sweet potato
Changes in protein profile of pigeonpea genotypes in response to NaCl and boron stress
Effects of drought stress on photosynthetic gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence and stem diameter of soybean plants
Secretion of a chitinase-like protein in embryogenic suspension cultures of Dactylis glomerata L.
Radiation as a tool to remove selective marker genes from transgenic soybean plants
Effects of arsenic on phosphorus content in different organs and chlorophyll fluorescence in primary leaves of soybean
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in diploid and triploid Arachis pintoi
Allelopathic effects of sunflower extracts on mustard seed germination and seedling growth
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