The relationship between vernalization-and photoperiodically-regulated genes and the development of frost tolerance in wheat and barley
High frequency plant regeneration from protoplasts in cotton via somatic embryogenesis
Factors affecting plant regeneration from immature inflorescence of two winter wheat cultivars
Genetic diversity in in vitro-conserved germplasm of Curcuma L. as revealed by RAPD markers
The differences in cell wall composition in leaves and regenerating protoplasts of Beta vulgaris and Nicotiana tabacum
Genetic diversity assessment in Portugal accessions of Olea europaea by RAPD markers
Assessment of genetic diversity of pigeonpea cultivars using RAPD analysis
Detection of DNA ladder during cotyledon senescence in cotton
Dormancy and germination in wheat embryos : Ribonucleases and hormonal control
Characterization of a rice metallothionein type 3 gene with different expression profiles under various nitrogen forms
Effect of different oxygen availability on the nitrate reductase activity in Cucumis sativus roots
Ascorbate and glutathione metabolism in embryo axes and cotyledons of germinating lupine seeds
Jones, J.B. : Tomato Plant Culture. In the Field, Greenhouse, and Home Garden
Involvement of exopeptidases in dehydration tolerance of spring wheat seedlings
The ubiquitin/proteasome pathway from Lemna minor subjected to heat shock
Differential expression of wheat transcriptomes in response to varying cadmium concentrations
In vitro cormlet development in Crocus sativus
Efficient regeneration of Eucommia ulmoides from hypocotyl explant
Specific activation of PR-10 pathogenesis-related genes in apple by an incompatible race of Venturia inaequalis
Induction of in vitro flowering in the orchid Dendrobium Sonia 17
Antioxidative response to cadmium in roots and leaves of tomato plants
Dynamics analyses of nutrients consumption and flavonoids accumulation in cell suspension culture of Glycyrrhiza inflata
Assessment of genetic stability of in vitro grown Dictyospermum ovalifolium
Ca2+ reduces the effect of hypoxia in mosses Mnium undulatum and Polytrichum commune
In vitro regeneration of Leucaena leucocephala by organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis
Starch synthase activity and heat shock protein in relation to thermal tolerance of developing wheat grains
Transcriptional profiles of immature ears and tassels in maize at early stage of water stress
Expression of a phenylcoumaran benzylic ether reductase-like protein in the ovules of Gossypium hirsutum
Exploration on the vacuum infiltration transformation of pakchoi
Effects of 28-homobrassinolide on nickel uptake, protein content and antioxidative defence system in Brassica juncea
Flooding tolerance and genetic diversity in populations of Luehea divaricata
Interspecific hybridization of Cucumis anguria and C. zeyheri via embryo-rescue
Reciprocal effects in anther cultures of wheat hybrids
Plant regeneration from callus culture of Curcuma aromatica and in vitro detection of somaclonal variation through cytophotometric analysis
Post-pollination changes in the floral organs of two Cymbidium species
Exogenous salicylic acid alleviates NaCl toxicity and increases antioxidative enzyme activity in Lycopersicon esculentum
Contribution of putrescine degradation to proline accumulation in soybean leaves under salinity
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