Concise Encyclopedia Biochemistry : Second Edition
Concise Encyclopedia Chemistry
Extensive Nitration of Protein Tyrosines in Human Atherosclerosis Detected by Immunohistochemistry
Kinetic Characterization of Affinity Chromatography Purified Clostripain
The Role of the Proximal CTAAT-Box of the Rat Glucokinase Upstream Promoter in Transcriptional Control in Insulin-Producing Cells
The Insulin Receptor: A Protein Kinase with Dual Specificity?*
Different Potential of Cellular and Viral Activators of Transcription Revealed in Oocytes and Early Embryos of Xenopus laevis
Purification and Characterization of Two Putative HLA Class II Associated Proteins: PHAPI and PHAPII
Bikunin in Rat Plasma, Lymph and Bile
Transferrin-Binding Capacity by Rat Bone Marrow Populations Containing Different Proportions of Erythroid Cells
The Role of the Glucose/Fatty Acid Cycle in the Selective Modulation of Non-Oxidative and Oxidative Glucose Disposal by Oxidative Muscle in Late Pregnancy
Human αS1-Casein Like Protein: Purification and N-Terminal Sequence Determination