Felix Hoppe-Seyler (1825–1895) A Pioneer of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Hoppe-Seyler, Stokes and Haemoglobin
Lysyl-tRNA Synthetase
Characterization of the Epitope Recognized by a Monoclonal Antibody Directed against the Largest Subunit of Drosophila RNA Polymerase II
Alterations in the Visual Cortex Receptor Pattern by Operant Conditioning in a Reward Paradigm
Generation and Activity of the Ternary Gelatinase B /TIMP-1 / LMW-Stromelysin-1 Complex*
n-Alkylglucosides Serve as Acceptors for Galactosyltransferases from Rat Liver Golgi Vesicles
Molecular Cloning and Identification of a Novel Porcine Cathelin-Like Antibacterial Peptide Precursor
Rat and Human Glutamate Transporter GLAST1 Stable Heterologous Expression, Biochemical and Functional Characterization
Posttranslational Mitochondrial Protein Import in a Homologous Yeast In vitro System