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Specific Catalytic Activity of Cathepsin S in Comparison to Cathepsins B and L along the Rat Nephron*
Activation of Progelatinase A and Progelatinase A/TIMP-2 Complex by Membrane Type 2-Matrix Metalloproteinase
Identification of Atrial-Specific Myosin Heavy Chain in Cardiac Muscle of Adult Chickens
In Vivo Binding of the Salivary Glycoprotein EP-GP (Identical to GCDFP-15) to Oral and Non-Oral Bacteria Detection and Identification of EP-GP Binding Species
Glucagon Gene G3 Enhancer: Evidence that Activity Depends on Combination of an Islet-Specific Factor and a Winged Helix Protein
Direct Exponential Amplification and Sequencing (DEXAS) of Genomic DNA
Opioid Diketopiperazines: Refinement of the δ Opioid Antagonist Pharmacophore
Reverse Action of Ribonuclease T1 in Frozen Aqueous Systems