Granny's Remedy Explained at the Molecular Level: Helenalin Inhibits NF-κB
The Role of Amyloid in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease
Helenalin, an Anti-Inflammatory Sesquiterpene Lactone from Arnica, Selectively Inhibits Transcription Factor NF-κB
DNA Replication and Order of Cell Cycle Events: A Role for Protein Isoprenylation?
The Recognition of Methylated DNA by the GTP-Dependent Restriction Endonuclease McrBC Resides in the N-Terminal Domain of McrB
Determination of the Regulatory Disulfide Bonds of NADP-Dependent Malate Dehydrogenase from Pisum sativum by Site-Directed Mutagenesis
Amino Acid Sequence, S-S Bridge Arrangement and Distribution in Plant Tissues of Thioninsfrom Viscum album*
Characterization of Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies to Human Choline Acetyltransferase and Epitope Analysis
Full Length cDNA of Rat RT1.DMa and RT1.DMb and Expression of RT1.DM Genes in Dendritic and Langerhans Cells
ATP and ADP Bind to Cytochrome c Oxidase and Regulate Its Activity
Selective Modulation of Protein Kinase A and Protein Kinase C Activities in Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)-Stimulated MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells
Affinity Purification and Characterization of Glucosidase II from Pig Liver
Regulation of the Intracellular pH in the Protozoan Parasite Trypanosoma bruceibrucei
Subcellular Localization of Dihydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase
Distribution of the Secretory Leucocyte Proteinase Inhibitor in Human Articular Cartilage
Mechanisms of Antithrombin Polymerisation and Heparin Activation Probed by the Insertion of Synthetic Reactive Loop Peptides
Dependence on Intracellular Ca2+ of Mass and Turnover of Phosphoinositides and Phosphatidate in Human Erythrocytes
The Reaction of Peroxynitrite with tert -Butyl Hydroperoxide Produces Singlet Molecular Oxygen*
Mammalian Cell Biotechnology in Protein Production
Analytical Toxicology for Clinical, Forensic and Pharmaceutical Chemists
The lac Operon
Concepts in Vaccine Development
Concepts in Protein Engineering and Design
Combinatorial Libraries
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