Helen Christomanou (1944–2001)
Thrombin Signaling in the Brain: The Role of Protease-Activated Receptors
Transcriptional Repression of the Human p53 Gene by Hepatitis B Viral Core Protein (HBc) in Human Liver Cells
Identification of Cytosolic Leucyl Aminopeptidase (EC as the Major Cysteinylglycine-Hydrolysing Activity in Rat Liver
A Novel Influenza A Virus Activating Enzyme from C Porcine Lung: Purification and Characterization
Binding of Urokinase Plasminogen Activator to gp130 via a Putative Urokinase-Binding Consensus Sequence
Modifications of Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Induced by Increasing Concentrations of Peroxynitrite: Early Recognition by 20S Proteasome
Different Isoforms of the Non-Integrin Laminin Receptor Are Present in Mouse Brain and Bind PrP
Cell-Type Specific Targeting and Gene Expression Using a Variant of Polyoma VP1 Virus-Like Particles
Quantitation of Membrane Type Serine Protease 1 (MT-SP1) in Transformed and Normal Cells
Interaction of Heat Shock Protein 70 Peptide with NK Cells Involves the NK Receptor CD94
Cystatins C, E/M and F in Human Pleural Fluids of Patients with Neoplastic and Inflammatory Lung Disorders
A Homodimeric Sporamin-Type Trypsin Inhibitor with Antiproliferative, HIV Reverse Transcriptase-Inhibitory and Antifungal Activities from Wampee (Clausena lansium) Seeds
Primary Structure and Reactive Site of a Novel Wheat Proteinase Inhibitor of Subtilisin and Chymotrypsin
Diverse Enzymatic Specificities of Digestive Proteases, 'Intestains', Enable Colorado Potato Beetle Larvae to Counteract the Potato Defence Mechanism
Protease Inhibitors Prevent Plasminogen-Mediated, But Not Pemphigus Vulgaris-Induced, Acantholysis in Human Epidermis
Purification and Primary Structure Determination of Human Lysosomal Dipeptidase
A Bioinformatic Approach to the Identification of Candidate Genes for the Development of New Cancer Diagnostics