Hiroshi Maeda – 40 years of research : Reflections on the occasion of his retirement and 65th birthday*
Activation of the kallikrein-kinin system and release of new kinins through alternative cleavage of kininogens by microbial and human cell proteinases
Molecular mechanism for activation and regulation of matrix metalloproteinases during bacterial infections and respiratory inflammation
Role of bacterial proteases in pseudomonal and serratial keratitis
Cysteine cathepsins in human cancer
Secretory leukoprotease inhibitor and pulmonary surfactant serve as principal defenses against influenza A virus infection in the airway and chemical agents up-regulating their levels may have therapeutic potential
Design of inhibitors against HIV, HTLV-I, and Plasmodium falciparum aspartic proteases
Roles of Arg- and Lys-gingipains in coaggregation of Porphyromonas gingivalis : identification of its responsible molecules in translation products of rgpA, kgp, and hagA genes
Coordinate expression of the Porphyromonas gingivalis lysine-specific gingipain proteinase, Kgp, arginine-specific gingipain proteinase, RgpA, and the heme/hemoglobin receptor, HmuR
Genetic characterization of staphopain genes in Staphylococcus aureus
Visualisation of tissue kallikrein, kininogen and kinin receptors in human skin following trauma and in dermal diseases
Reduction of myocardial infarction by calpain inhibitors A-705239 and A-705253 in isolated perfused rabbit hearts
A proteinase inhibitor from Caesalpinia echinata (pau-brasil) seeds for plasma kallikrein, plasmin and factor Xlla
Plasma prekallikrein/kallikrein processing by lysosomal cysteine proteases
Characteristics of the caspase-like catalytic domain of human paracaspase
mRNA expression analysis of a variety of apoptosis-related genes, including the novel gene of the BCL2-family, BCL2L12, in HL-60 leukemia cells after treatment with carboplatin and doxorubicin
Thermoplasma acidophilum TAA43 is an archaeal member of the eukaryotic meiotic branch of AAA ATPases
Lipopolysaccharide binding of an exchangeable apolipoprotein, apolipophorin III, from Galleria mellonella