The structure of the juvenile hormone binding protein gene from Galleria mellonella
Interaction of thiamin diphosphate with phosphorylated and dephosphorylated mammalian pyruvate dehydrogenase complex
Purification and characterization of a chitinase-like antifungal protein from black turtle bean with stimulatory effect on nitric oxide production by macrophages
Nitric oxide covalently labels a 6-hydroxydopa-derived free radical intermediate in the catalytic cycle of copper/quinone-containing amine oxidase from lentil seedlings
Plasmodium falciparum glutaredoxin-like proteins
Characterization of the glyoxalases of the malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum and comparison with their human counterparts
Transcriptional down-regulation of neurotrophin-3 in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Limb girdle muscular dystrophy in a sibling pair with a homozygous Ser606Leu mutation in the alternatively spliced IS2 region of calpain 3
GRIP1 mediates the interaction between the amino- and carboxyl-termini of the androgen receptor
Dual concentration-dependent activity of thyroglobulin type-1 domain of testican
Proteolysis of insulin-like growth factor binding proteins (IGFBPs) by calpain