Paper of the Year 2004: Award to Yin Wang and Iris Lorenzi
Improving the levels of essential amino acids and sulfur metabolites in plants
Symmetry at the active site of the ribosome: structural and functional implications *
GPCR-induced migration of breast carcinoma cells depends on both EGFR signal transactivation and EGFR-independent pathways *
Developing an effective RNA interference strategy against a plus-strand RNA virus: silencing of coxsackievirus B3 and its cognate coxsackievirus-adenovirus receptor
NF-κB contributes to transcription of placenta growth factor and interacts with metal responsive transcription factor-1 in hypoxic human cells
Regulation of asparagine synthetase gene transcription by the basic region leucine zipper transcription factors ATF5 and CHOP
Role of the N-terminal region and of β-sheet residue Thr29 on the activity of the ω2 global regulator from the broad-host range Streptococcus pyogenes plasmid pSM19035
Lysine 3 acetylation regulates the phosphorylation of yeast 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase under hypo-osmotic stress
Determination of the specificity of monoclonal antibodies against Schistosoma mansoni CAA glycoprotein antigen using neoglycoconjugate variants
Cholesterol is the major component of native lipoproteins activating the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinases
Focal adhesion kinase is redistributed to focal complexes and mediates cell spreading in macrophages in response to M-CSF
Inhibition of cathepsin B reduces β-amyloid production in regulated secretory vesicles of neuronal chromaffin cells: evidence for cathepsin B as a candidate β-secretase of Alzheimer's disease
Activation processing of cathepsin H impairs recognition by its propeptide