Highlight : RNA Biochemistry
microRNA-guided posttranscriptional gene regulation
How to find small non-coding RNAs in bacteria
Species-specific antibiotic-ribosome interactions : implications for drug development
The tRNase Z family of proteins : physiological functions, substrate specificity and structural properties
Alternative pre-mRNA splicing in the human system : unexpected role of repetitive sequences as regulatory elements
6S RNA - an ancient regulator of bacterial RNA polymerase rediscovered
RNA thermometers are common in α and γ-proteobacteria
Inhibition of mRNA deadenylation and degradation by ultraviolet light
Linear three-iron centres are unlikely cluster degradation intermediates during unfolding of iron-sulfur proteins
Trypsin inhibition by macrocyclic and open-chain variants of the squash inhibitor MCoTI-II
Structural properties of substrate proteins determine their proteolysis by the mitochondrial AAA+ protease Pim1
Inhibitory plant serpins with a sequence of three glutamine residues in the reactive center
Inhibition of cathepsin B reduces β-amyloid production in regulated secretory vesicles of neuronal chromaffin cells : evidence for cathepsin B as a candidate β-secretase of Alzheimer's disease