4th General Meeting of the International Proteolysis Society/International Conference on Protease Inhibitors
Extracellular granzymes : current perspectives
Impact of the N-terminal amino acid on targeted protein degradation
Structural aspects of recently discovered viral deubiquitinating activities
Cysteine cathepsins and caspases in silicosis
The proprotein convertases and their implication in sterol and/or lipid metabolism
PREPL : a putative novel oligopeptidase propelled into the limelight
Human cathepsin L rescues the neurodegeneration and lethality in cathepsin B/L double-deficient mice
Helicobacter pylori-induced downregulation of the secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor (SLPI) in gastric epithelial cell lines and its functional relevance for H. pylori-mediated diseases
Increased local levels of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor are associated with the beneficial effect of pre-elafin (SKALP/trappin-2/WAP3) in experimental emphysema
Interaction of a novel form of Pseudomonas aeruginosa alkaline protease (aeruginolysin) with interleukin-6 and interleukin-S
Analysis of aldosterone-induced differential receptor-independent protein patterns using 2D-electrophoresis and mass spectrometry
Modeling the 3D structure of wheat subtilisin/chymotrypsin inhibitor (WSCI). Probing the reactive site with two susceptible proteinases by time-course analysis and molecular dynamics simulations
A stable analogue of glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide, GIP(LysPAL16), enhances functional differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into cells expressing islet-specific genes and hormones
Transcription factor FOXM1c is repressed by RB and activated by cyclin D1/Cdk4
Despite its strong transactivation domain, transcription factor FOXM1c is kept almost inactive by two different inhibitory domains
Inhibition of calcineurin by infusion of CsA causes hyperphosphorylation of tau and is accompanied by abnormal behavior in mice
Isolation and properties of extracellular proteinases of Penicillium marneffei
Isolation and comparative characterization of Ki-67 equivalent antibodies from the HuCAL® phage display library