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Paper Of The Year 2006
The endosymbiotic origin of organelles
Solute channels of the outer membrane
Diverse mechanisms and machineries for import of mitochondrial proteins
Transport of nuclear-encoded proteins into secondarily evolved plastids
Mechanisms of protein import into thylakoids of chloroplasts
Molecular machinery of mitochondrial dynamics in yeast
Chloroplast photorelocation movement mediated by phototropin family proteins in green plants
Plastid division in an evolutionary context
Variability of the mitochondrial genome in mammals at the inter-species/intra-species boundary
Diversity of proteasomal missions
Cellular expression of plasma prekallikrein in human tissues
Sumoylation of the zinc finger protein ZXDC enhances the function of its transcriptional activation domain
Josephin domain-containing proteins from a variety of species are active de-ubiquitination enzymes
Cysteine protease inhibitors reduce brain p-amyloid and β-secretase activity in vivo and are potential Alzheimer's disease therapeutics