Highlight: The 4th International Symposium on Kallikreins and Kallikrein-Related Peptidases
Kallikrein-related peptidases in prostate, breast, and ovarian cancers: from pathobiology to clinical relevance
Epigenetic regulation of kallikrein-related peptidases: there is a whole new world out there
Non-combinatorial library screening reveals subsite cooperativity and identifies new high-efficiency substrates for kallikrein-related peptidase 14
One round of SELEX for the generation of DNA aptamers directed against KLK6
Kallikrein 6 is a novel molecular trigger of reactive astrogliosis
Characterization of SPINK9, a KLK5-specific inhibitor expressed in palmo-plantar epidermis
The miRNA-kallikrein axis of interaction: a new dimension in the pathogenesis of prostate cancer
Stromal cell-associated expression of kallikrein-related peptidase 6 (KLK6) indicates poor prognosis of ovarian cancer patients
The kallikrein 14 gene is down-regulated by androgen receptor signalling and harbours genetic variation that is associated with prostate tumour aggressiveness
Kallikrein-related peptidase signaling in colon carcinoma cells: targeting proteinase-activated receptors
Proteinase-activated receptors (PARs): differential signalling by kallikrein-related peptidases KLK8 and KLK14