Highlight: Membrane transport and beyond
Structure and function of bacterial dynamin-like proteins
Oligomerization of polytopic α-helical membrane proteins: causes and consequences
Functional relevance of transmembrane domains in membrane fusion
Mitofilin complexes: conserved organizers of mitochondrial membrane architecture
The gateway to chloroplast: re-defining the function of chloroplast receptor proteins
The YidC/Oxa1/Alb3 protein family: common principles and distinct features
The sensor kinase DcuS of Escherichia coli : two stimulus input sites and a merged signal pathway in the DctA/DcuS sensor unit
Triplet repeats in transcripts: structural insights into RNA toxicity
Intronic hammerhead ribozymes in mRNA biogenesis
Interaction between natural compounds and human topoisomerase I
β-Barrel scaffolds for the grafting of extracellular loops from G-protein-coupled receptors
The GlycanBuilder and GlycoWorkbench glycoinformatics tools: updates and new developments