Highlight: Protein states with cell biological and medicinal relevance
Towards improved receptor targeting: anterograde transport, internalization and postendocytic trafficking of neuropeptide Y receptors
Progress in demystification of adhesion G protein-coupled receptors
The unresolved puzzle why alanine extensions cause disease
Molecular function of the prolyl cis/trans isomerase and metallochaperone SlyD
Structure and allosteric regulation of eukaryotic 6-phosphofructokinases
Polyionic and cysteine-containing fusion peptides as versatile protein tags
p0071/PKP4, a multifunctional protein coordinating cell adhesion with cytoskeletal organization
Lysine-specific histone demethylase LSD1 and the dynamic control of chromatin
Methylation of the nuclear poly(A)-binding protein by type I protein arginine methyltransferases - how and why
Oxidative in vitro folding of a cysteine deficient variant of the G protein-coupled neuropeptide Y receptor type 2 improves stability at high concentration
Identification of prolyl oligopeptidase as a cyclosporine-sensitive protease by screening of mouse liver extracts
In vitro maturation of Drosophila melanogaster Spätzle protein with refolded Easter reveals a novel cleavage site within the prodomain
Subcellular localization and RNP formation of IGF2BPs (IGF2 mRNA-binding proteins) is modulated by distinct RNA-binding domains
High level expression of the Drosophila Toll receptor ectodomain and crystallization of its complex with the morphogen Spätzle