Highlight issue: membranes in motion
Remodeling of membrane compartments: some consequences of membrane fluidity
Reshaping biological membranes in endocytosis: crossing the configurational space of membrane-protein interactions
Novel intracellular functions of apolipoproteins: the ApoO protein family as constituents of the Mitofilin/MINOS complex determines cristae morphology in mitochondria
Membranes in motion: mitochondrial dynamics and their role in apoptosis
Crosstalk of lipid and protein homeostasis to maintain membrane function
Endocytic Rabs in membrane trafficking and signaling
Plasmacytoid dendritic cells and autoimmune inflammation
Molecular interactions of hemoglobin with resveratrol: potential protective antioxidant role and metabolic adaptations of the erythrocyte
Lipid-lowering effect of molluscan ( Katelysia opima ) glycosaminoglycan (GAG) in hypercholesterolemic induced rats