Invasion Genetics of New World Medflies: Testing Alternative Colonization Scenarios
Comparison of the Genetic Structure of North and South American Populations of a Clonal Aquatic Plant
Invertebrate Invasions on Pacific Islands and the Replacement of Unique Native Faunas: A Synthesis of the Land and Freshwater Snails*Contribution no. 2001–001 of Bishop Museum's Pacific Biological Survey.
Invasion of a Reef-builder Polychaete: Direct and Indirect Impacts on the Native Benthic Community Structure
Testing Predictions of Displacement of Native Aedes by the Invasive Asian Tiger Mosquito Aedes Albopictus in Florida, USA
Conflicts of Interest in Environmental Management: Estimating the Costs and Benefits of a Tree Invasion
Species Displacement Between an Introduced and A ‘vulnerable’ Crayfish: The Role of Aggressive Interactions and Shelter Competition
Ship Mediated Fish Invasions in Australia: Two New Introductions and A Consideration of Two Previous Invasions
Global Redistribution of Bacterioplankton and Virioplankton Communities
The Introduced Green Alga Caulerpa Taxifolia Continues to Spread in the Mediterranean
A Marine Plant ( Spartina Anglica ) Invades Widely Varying Habitats: Potential Mechanisms of Invasion and Control
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