Grazing, Environmental Heterogeneity, and Alien Plant Invasions in Temperate Pampa Grasslands
Exotic Herbivores as Drivers of Plant Invasion and Switch to Ecosystem Alternative States
Gringos En El Bosque: Introduced Tree Invasion in a Native Nothofagus/Austrocedrus Forest
Woody Plant Invasion in Relictual Grasslands
Plant Invasions on an Oceanic Archipelago
Does Invasion of Exotic Plants Promote Invasion of Exotic Flower Visitors? A Case Study from the Temperate Forests of the Southern Andes
Evaluating Potential Effects of Exotic Freshwater Fish From Incomplete Species Presence-absence Data
No Longer The Pristine Confines of the World Ocean: A Survey of Exotic Marine Species in the Southwestern Atlantic
Potential Impact of Filter-feeding Invaders on Temperate Inland Freshwater Environments
Invaders Without Frontiers: Cross-border Invasions of Exotic Mammals
Multiple Effects of Introduced Mammalian Herbivores in a Temperate Forest
Species Invasiveness in Biological Invasions: A Modelling Approach
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