Grazing, Environmental Heterogeneity, and Alien Plant Invasions in Temperate Pampa Grasslands
Exotic Herbivores as Drivers of Plant Invasion and Switch to Ecosystem Alternative States
Gringos En El Bosque : Introduced Tree Invasion in a Native Nothofagus/Austrocedrus Forest
Woody Plant Invasion in Relictual Grasslands
Plant Invasions on an Oceanic Archipelago
Does Invasion of Exotic Plants Promote Invasion of Exotic Flower Visitors? A Case Study from the Temperate Forests of the Southern Andes
Evaluating Potential Effects of Exotic Freshwater Fish From Incomplete Species Presence–absence Data
No Longer The Pristine Confines of the World Ocean : A Survey of Exotic Marine Species in the Southwestern Atlantic
Potential Impact of Filter-feeding Invaders on Temperate Inland Freshwater Environments
Invaders Without Frontiers : Cross-border Invasions of Exotic Mammals
Multiple Effects of Introduced Mammalian Herbivores in a Temperate Forest
Species Invasiveness in Biological Invasions : A Modelling Approach
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