Compensation and Plasticity in an Invasive Plant Species
Looking for Progenitors : A Molecular Approach to Finding the Origins of An Invasive Weed
General Patterns in Invasion Ecology Tested in the Dutch Wadden Sea : The Case of a Brackish-Marine Polychaetous Worm
The Potential Impact of An Introduced Shrub on Native Plant Diversity and Forest Regeneration
Assessing Invasion Impact : Survey Design Considerations and Implications for Management of An Invasive Marine Plant
Physiological Ecology of Native and Alien Dry Forest Shrubs in Hawaii
Commercially Important Trees as Invasive Aliens – Towards Spatially Explicit Risk Assessment at a National Scale
Habitat and Population Effects on the Germination and Early Survival of the Invasive Weed, Lythrum salicaria L. (purple loosestrife)
Distribution of Exotic Plants along Roads in a Peninsular Nature Reserve
Hydrologic Connections and Overland Dispersal in An Exotic Freshwater Crustacean
The Importance of Detritivore Species Diversity for Maintaining Stream Ecosystem Functioning Following the Invasion of a Riparian Plant
Introduction of a Siberian Freshwater Shrimp to Western North America
Predator-Mediated Coexistence of Exotic and Native Crustaceans in a Freshwater Lake?
A Plague of Rats and Rubbervines. : The Growing Threat of Species Invasions. By Yvonne Baskin, 2002, 377 pp, Island Press/Shearwater Books, Washington, DC, US$25.00, ISBN 1-55963-876-1 (cloth, alk. paper).
Author index Volume 4 2002