Compensation and Plasticity in an Invasive Plant Species
Looking for Progenitors
General Patterns in Invasion Ecology Tested in the Dutch Wadden Sea
The Potential Impact of An Introduced Shrub on Native Plant Diversity and Forest Regeneration
Assessing Invasion Impact
Physiological Ecology of Native and Alien Dry Forest Shrubs in Hawaii
Commercially Important Trees as Invasive Aliens – Towards Spatially Explicit Risk Assessment at a National Scale
Habitat and Population Effects on the Germination and Early Survival of the Invasive Weed, Lythrum salicaria L. (purple loosestrife)
Distribution of Exotic Plants along Roads in a Peninsular Nature Reserve
Hydrologic Connections and Overland Dispersal in An Exotic Freshwater Crustacean
The Importance of Detritivore Species Diversity for Maintaining Stream Ecosystem Functioning Following the Invasion of a Riparian Plant
Introduction of a Siberian Freshwater Shrimp to Western North America
Predator-Mediated Coexistence of Exotic and Native Crustaceans in a Freshwater Lake?
A Plague of Rats and Rubbervines.
Author index Volume 4 2002