Assessing the ecological impacts of an introduced seastar: the importance of multiple methods
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Native species vulnerability to introduced predators: testing an inducible defense and a refuge from predation
Biotic resistance experienced by an invasive crustacean in a temperate estuary
Alteration of microbial community composition and changes in decomposition associated with an invasive intertidal macrophyte
Ecological and economic implications of a tropical jellyfish invader in the Gulf of Mexico
Rapid evolution of an established feral tilapia ( Oreochromis spp.): the need to incorporate invasion science into regulatory structures
Estuarine and scalar patterns of invasion in the soft-bottom benthic communities of the San Francisco Estuary
History of aquatic invertebrate invasions in the Caspian Sea
Biological control of marine invasive species: cautionary tales and land-based lessons
Did biological control cause extinction of the coconut moth, Levuana iridescens , in Fiji?
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