Resistance of Island Rainforest to Invasion by Alien Plants: Influence of Microhabitat and Herbivory on Seedling Performance
Competition between Exotic and Native Insects for Seed Resources in Trees of a Mediterranean Forest Ecosystem
Prospects for the Management of Invasive Alien Weeds Using Co-Evolved Fungal Pathogens: A Latin American Perspective
Limiting Spread of a Unicolonial Invasive Insect and Characterization of Seasonal Patterns of Range Expansion
Competition Experiments on Alien Weeds with Crops: Lessons for Measuring Plant Invasion Impact?
Invasion by a Perennial Herb Increases Decomposition Rate and Alters Nutrient Availability in Warm Temperate Lowland Forest Remnants
Epiphytic Refugium: Are Two Species of Invading Freshwater Bivalves Partitioning Spatial Resources?
Predatory Efficiency of Crayfish: Comparison Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Species
Can Gas-Exchange Characteristics help Explain the Invasive Success of Lythrum salicaria ?
Nitrogen Limits an Invasive Perennial Shrub in Forest Understory
Monarchs in Australia: On the Winds of a Storm?
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