Differential Parasitism of Native and Introduced Snails: Replacement of a Parasite Fauna
Host specificity of Sacculina carcini , a potential biological control agent of the introduced European green crab Carcinus maenas in California
Temperature, Herbivory and Epibiont Acquisition as Factors Controlling the Distribution and Ecological Role of an Invasive Seaweed
Spatial Relationships Between an Introduced Snapper and Native Goatfishes on Hawaiian Reefs*
Habitat Differences in Marine Invasions of Central California
Impact Scenario for an Introduced Decapod on Arctic Epibenthic Communities
The Invasion of the Chinese Mitten Crab ( Eriocheir sinensis ) in the United Kingdom and Its Comparison to Continental Europe
Potential Invasion of Microorganisms and Pathogens via ‘Interior Hull Fouling’: Biofilms Inside Ballast Water Tanks
Development and Evaluation of a PCR Based Assay for Detection of the Toxic Dinoflagellate, Gymnodinium catenatum (Graham) in Ballast Water and Environmental Samples
Rapid Assessment Survey for Exotic Organisms in Southern California Bays and Harbors, and Abundance in Port and Non-port Areas
California's Reaction to Caulerpa taxifolia : A Model for Invasive Species Rapid Response*
When Invasive Species have Benefits as well as Costs: Managing Carex kobomugi (Asiatic sand sedge) in New Jersey's Coastal Dunes
Abundance and Spread of the Invasive Red Algae, Kappaphycus spp., in Kane'ohe Bay, Hawai'i and an Experimental Assessment of Management Options
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