Quantifying uncertainty in predictions of invasiveness, with emphasis on weed risk assessment
Modelling the Expansion of a Grey Squirrel population: Implications for Squirrel Control
The rapid spread of rusty crayfish ( Orconectes rusticus ) with observations on native crayfish declines in Wisconsin (U.S.A.) over the past 130 years
Interactions between two co-dominant, invasive plants in the understory of a temperate deciduous forest
Effects of eutrophication and snails on Eurasian watermilfoil ( Myriophyllum spicatum ) invasion
Exotic vascular plant invasiveness and forest invasibility in urban boreal forest types
The infinitesimal, the deterministic, and the probabilistic: Alternate container inspection policies in invasive species management
How bad are invaders in coastal waters? The case of the American slipper limpet Crepidula fornicata in western Europe
Discovery of a life history shift: precocious flowering in an introduced population of Prosopis
A potential native natural enemy of invasive aquatic weed - water hyacinth
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