Genetic structure and functioning of alien ship rat populations from a Corsican micro-insular complex
Diet overlap among two Asian carp and three native fishes in backwater lakes on the Illinois and Mississippi rivers
Predicting the potential distribution of invasive ring-necked parakeets Psittacula krameri in northern Belgium using an ecological niche modelling approach
Freshwater crayfish invasions: former crayfish invader Galician crayfish hands title “invasive” over to new invader spiny-cheek crayfish
Early phases of a successful invasion: mitochondrial phylogeography of the common genet ( Genetta genetta ) within the Mediterranean Basin
On the first record of a potentially harmful fish, Sparus aurata in the Gulf of California
Using dendrochronology to model hemlock woolly adelgid effects on eastern hemlock growth and vulnerability
Effects of a habitat-altering invader on nesting sparrows: An ecological trap?
Is patience a virtue? Succession, light, and the death of invasive glossy buckthorn ( Frangula alnus )
Evidence for a permanent establishment of the snow crab ( Chionoecetes opilio ) in the Barents Sea
Seasonal variability in the grazing potential of the invasive amphipod Gammarus tigrinus and the native amphipod Gammarus salinus (Amphipoda: Crustacea) in the northern Baltic Sea
Ecosystem-level consequences of invasions by native species as a way to investigate relationships between evenness and ecosystem function
Comparing the effects of the exotic cactus-feeding moth, Cactoblastis cactorum (Berg) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and the native cactus-feeding moth, Melitara prodenialis (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) on two species of Florida Opuntia
Evidence for a shift in life-history strategy during the secondary phase of a plant invasion
Effects of saltmarsh invasion by Spartina alterniflora on arthropod community structure and diets
Belowground mutualists and the invasive ability of Acacia longifolia in coastal dunes of Portugal
Removal of invasive shrubs reduces exotic earthworm populations
Effects of an invasive plant on a desert sand dune landscape
Fine-scale clonal structure and diversity of invasive plant Mikania micrantha H.B.K. and its plant parasite Cuscuta campestris Yunker
Increasing southern invasion enhances congruence between endemic and exotic Mediterranean fish fauna
Predicting establishment success for alien reptiles and amphibians: a role for climate matching
Does juvenile competition explain displacement of a native crayfish by an introduced crayfish?
Potential impacts of the invasive flatworm Platydemus manokwari on arboreal snails
Allometric growth, disturbance regime, and dilemmas of controlling invasive plants: a model analysis
First evidence of hybridization between endangered sterlets ( Acipenser ruthenus ) and exotic Siberian sturgeons ( Acipenser baerii ) in the Danube River
White-tailed deer ( Odocoileus virginianus ) fecal pellet decomposition is accelerated by the invasive earthworm Lumbricus terrestris
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