Production of Force and Movement by Polymerization of Actin : Mechanism and Reconstitution In Vitro
Mechanical Properties of a Single-Headed Processive Motor, Inner-Arm Dynein Subspecies-c of Chlamydomonas Studied at the Single Molecule Level
Theoretical Characterization of the Long-range Attraction between G-actin Molecules through the Excluded Volume Effect
Longitudinal Distortions and Transversal Fluctuations of an Actin Filament Sliding on Myosin Molecules
Unique Mechanisms of Excitation Energy Transfer, Electron Transfer and Photoisomerization in Biological Systems
Different Scenarios for Inter-Protein Electron Tunneling : The Effect of Water-Mediated Pathways
On the Configurational and Conformational Changes in Photoactive Yellow Protein that Leads to Signal Generation in Ectothiorhodospira halophila
Positions of QA and ChlZ Relative to Tyrosine YZ and YD in Photosystem II Studied by Pulsed EPR
Peptide Free Energy Landscapes Calibrated by Molecular Orbital Calculations
Phylogeny Based on Whole Genome as inferred from Complete Information Set Analysis
System for Automatically Inferring a Genetic Netwerk from Expression Profiles
Cell Simulation for Circadian Rhythm Based on Michaelis-Menten Model
Molecular Evolution in Static and Dynamical Landscapes
Correlation Between the Conformation Space and the Sequence Space of Peptide Chain
A DNA-based in vitro Genetic Program
Correlated Flexible Molecular Coding and Molecular Evolvability
Echolocation of Multiple Targets in 3-D Space from a Single Emission
Population-Vector Analysis by Primate Prefrontal Neuron Activities
Hippocampal Damage Disrupts Eyeblink Conditioning in Mice Lacking Glutamate Receptor Subunit δ2
Photoresponse and Learning Behavior of Ascidian Larvae, a Primitive Chordate, to Repeated Stimuli of Step-Up and Step-Down of Light