From Membrane Pores to Aquaporins
Cell Penetrating Peptides
Influence of Distal Residue B10 on CO Dynamics in Myoglobin and Neuroglobin
A Physical Picture of Protein Dynamics and Conformational Changes
Electro-Optical Properties Characterization of Fish Type III Antifreeze Protein
Analytical Ultracentrifugation Sedimentation Velocity for the Characterization of Detergent-Solubilized Membrane Proteins Ca++-ATPase and ExbB
Impedance Analysis of Ion Transport Through Supported Lipid Membranes Doped with Ionophores
Axial Resolution Enhancement by 4Pi Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy with Two-Photon Excitation
Initial Development and Characterization of PLGA Nanospheres Containing Ropivacaine
Thermal Characterization and Cytotoxicity of Complexes Formed by Papain and Cyclodextrin
Instrument-Dependent Cadherin Monolayer Interactions
In Silico Kinetic Study of the Glucose Transporter
Electron Correlated Ab Initio Study of Amino Group Flexibility for Improvement of Molecular Mechanics Simulations on Nucleic Acid Conformations and Interactions
Studying the Unfolding Kinetics of Proteins under Pressure Using Long Molecular Dynamic Simulation Runs
Modeling Complex Biological Macromolecules