Journal of Biological Response Modifiers : Why Another Journal?
Monoclonal Antibodies to Human Melanoma : Identification of Two Antigens Expressed on Tumors but Absent from Autologous B Cells
The Rationale for and Design of a Screening Procedure for the Assessment of Biological Response Modifiers for Cancer Treatment
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Phase I Trials of Thymosin Fraction 5 and Thymosin α1
Efficacy of Liposomes Containing a Lipophilic Muramyl Dipeptide Derivative for Activating the Tumoricidal Properties of Alveolar Macrophages In Vivo
Active Specific Intralymphatic Immunotherapy in Metastatic Malignant Melanoma : Evidence of Clinical Response
Induction of a Lymphohemopoietic Stimulating Factor in the Serum of Thiabendazole-Treated Mice
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