Idiotypic—Antiidiotypic Interactions in Humans
Interferon-α : Current Status and Future Promise
A Preliminary Phase I Trial of Partially Purified Interferon-γ in Patients with Cancer
Potentiation of Interferon's Antiviral Activity by the Mutually Synergistic Interaction of MuIFN-α/β and MuIFN-γ
Leukocyte Interferon as a Possible Biological Response Modifier in Lymphoproliferative Disorders Resistant to Standard Therapy
Phase I Study of Intravenous Mycobacterial Cell Wall Skeleton and Trehalose Dimycolate Attached to Oil Droplets
Soluble Polyglycans Enhance Recovery from Cobalt-60—Induced Hemopoietic Injury
Immunomodulation and Antitumor Effects of MVE-2 in Mice
Interferon-α and -γ Promote Myeloid Differentiation of HL-60, a Human Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Cell Line
Protective Effect of Muramyl Dipeptide Analogs in Combination with Trehalose Dimycolate Against Aerogenic Influenza Virus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infections in Mice
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Journal of Biological Response Modifiers Volume 3, 1984 : Subject Index