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The Cure for Cancer
Biologicals and Biological Response Modifiers: Design of Clinical Trials
A Phase I Clinical Tolerance Study of Polyadenylic-Polyuridylic Acid in Cancer Patients
Induction by Interferon-α of Tumoricidal Activity of Adherent Mononuclear Cells from Human Blood: Monocytes as Responder and Effector Cells
Unexpected Toxicity from Radiation Therapy in Two Patients with Kaposi's Sarcoma Receiving Interferon
A Randomized Trial to Evaluate the Immunorestorative Properties of Synthetic Thymosin-α1 in Patients with Lung Cancer
Inhibition of Tumor Growth and Metastasis in Association with Modification of Immune Response by Novel Organic Germanium Compounds
Biological Effects of White-Type Polysaccharides of Gram-Negative Bacteria
Production of and Response to Interleukin-2 by Cultured T Cells: Effects of Lithium Chloride and Other Putative Modulators
Induction and Characterization of Lymphotoxins from Tumor Promoter—Synergized, Lectin-Stimulated Human Lymphocytes In Vitro